In Memoriam : Marvin Doerksen

Marvin Doerksen Marvin R Doerksen - age: 83
(March 10, 1933 to July 06, 2016 )
Resident of Chicago, Illinois

Visitation Information:
Private Interment: Rosehill Cemetery

A memorial celebration will be held on Saturday, July 16th at 1 pm at

Edgewater Baptist Church
1401 W Hollywood Ave
Chicago, IL 60660

At the request of the family, in lieu of flowers, and if you so choose, please make a donation to either the Safe Place Ministry of Edgewater Baptist Church, 1401 Hollywood Ave, Chicago, IL 60660 (773) 784-3040 (make checks out to the church with Safe Place on the memo line) or The Gideons

Ecclesiastes 5:18-20, 9:10

These verses have made me reflect on Dad's life. Ecclesiastes 9:10 says, "Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your heart."

One day I wrote this about Dad in my Swindoll Bible, next to these verses in Ecclesiastes chapter 5 and chapter 9. "God gave Man the strength and ability to do toilsome work, to make money and we all have been enabled to enjoy many things because of this gift from God."

During those years of getting up very early in the a.m. Dad often traveled
far with his lunch box and came home tired. But he often enjoyed moments of fishing with
friends and sons- camping with family in our travel trailers, driving around in the
city seeing buildings he helped build. These included high rises, office buildings, condos, nursing
homes, and houses, built with the strong hands God gave him. He especially treasured the Door County house and cottage where he used his skills so we could enjoy simple living in
God's beautiful surroundings. He valued his relationship with his fury friend Chloe- treasured
moments with Eli and Micah, who often said "where's Grandpa"? Then they gave hugs and

He was faithful at church as trustee and deacon chairman, working and leading boys
in the boys brigade. We enjoyed being youth workers for many years. He enjoyed
helping at Hilltoppers- singing in our programs of "Love, Laughter and Music'' as well as Sing-alongs
in Ephraim. He was always there for me and the children. When a call for help came
he immediately responded. He never put people on hold.
He enjoyed his times of bible study with the "guys" even teaching. Now in later years, he had breakfast times with the foremen of Gustafson-Lindberg, a company he worked at for more than thirty years.
On the farm he learned good work ethics- taught by his mom to cook, bake, clean and iron. He brought this to the city as a 21 year old, and did all he felt was necessary to make a life with family here. He was perhaps not often appreciated enough.

One son and his family lived far away as a missionaries. There were treasured memories
made with Ron, his wife Carol and son Josh in Europe. Dad visited places he never dreamed he
would see when he was a farm boy in Inman Kansas. He also was delighted to meet his
new little granddaughter adopted from Armenia, Lauren.

Now in days of old age, another blessing arrived, a great grand daughter, Hazel,
the Korean beauty! During his ''working years", he never could spend time like he would have liked with the other 3 grandchildren, Frank, Bekah and Brian but love for them was always there.

He loved each of his three sons and was delighted to be the "Best Man" at all
three son's weddings and then welcoming lovely daughter-in-law's was a bonus,
Marsha, Carol and Tammy.
He kept his marriage vows and often amazed the guys at work (some who were
divorced or never married) with the phrase, "I am still married with the same wife I chose, still with the same woman." In this day and age that's often a miracle.

As I write this, Dad is now 81, old age has entered with some difficulties, but he is going forward with the Lord's help. He often reflects back on the road he has traveled and the memories he has made.

The Lord has been his protector all along. Dad fell down five stories when a building collapsed under him and fell backwards down the basement stairs breaking his back twice. This in addition to having a quadruple bypass after a heart attack in France and at home. THANK YOU LORD! May his family remember his faithfulness in the toil God prepared for him!!
PS: Since this was written, the Lord brought into our lives another great grandchild name Evelynn Ann Doerksen, Frank and Ashley's daughter. Dad was able to see and hold her 2 times before he died. We now have a beautiful photo of that special moment which is a wonderful memory for our family.
With love

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Marvin Doerksen photo

Marvin Doerksen photo

Marvin Doerksen photo

Marvin Doerksen photo

Marvin Doerksen photo

Marvin Doerksen photo