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Randy Hassen - March 1, 2014Contact this person Contact this person
Lynne (Cuz), You have always been a light in my life. So wicked smart with such a gentle soul. You were always the "go to" person in times of matters of the heart, or in times of troubles or life's little confusions. Being in your presence brought me peace and serenity. Not a day will go by without the thought of how wonderful it has been to be a part of your life these past 50 years, and the special times we shared, especially during these past 10 months. Tears of sadness and joy roll gently down my cheek.

Randy Hassen - March 1, 2014Contact this person Contact this person
I met Lynn at Mili's Sunday's brunch many years ago. Immediately, I was struck by her fierce intelligence, her impressive range of knowledge. Her gentleness, sweet demeanor, wicked sense of humor, and modesty, attracted everyone to her like a powerful magnet!! I will miss her! Arlette Dresdner

Sofia Ivanova - January 12, 2016Contact this person Contact this person
I regret that I didn't keep in touch w/Lynne. I worked with her @ St. Francis and I was always amazed at how much she knew. Lynne could solve a NY Times crossword in 30 mins! She took me to my 1st concert ever - David Bowie - the Lets Dance tour. We didn't keep in touch after I left St. Francis but I have never forgotten her as she made a lasting impression. My sincere sympathies to her family.