In Memoriam : Kristy Alagna

Kristy Alagna Kristy Ann Alagna - age: 65
(June 29, 1955 to September 29, 2020 )
Resident of Chicago, Illinois

Visitation Information:
Private services provided by

Benson Family Funeral Home
3224 W. Montrose Avenue
Chicago, IL 60618

Kristy Ann Alagna, Age 65 of Chicago, who grew up in Oak Lawn, IL. She passed away from this life suddenly on September 29, 2020. The late loving Daughter of James and Ann Alagna (Deceased). Beloved and loving Partner of Kent Renz. Sister of Cynthia (Allan Beuke), Sister of Jamie Alagna and Brother James Alagna. Dearest Aunt of Christina Hambright, James Alagna (Molly Cullen-Alagna), and Gina Alagna. Dearest Great-Aunt of Miles Cullen and Charlotte James Alagna. Loving “Step-Mom” to Josh and Kristen Renz, Jon and Susan Renz, James and Erika Renz. Loving “Aunt” to Dawn and Chuck Tipton, Nina and Joe Crawford, Felicia Renz and Damien Griffiths. Loving Grandma “KiKi” to Sarah and Kayla, Owen, Eli and Liam Renz. “Sister-in-Law” to Curt Renz, Mark Renz and Scott Renz. Niece, Cousin and Good Friend to many. Dedicated Administrative Assistant at Pier Point and employee of and good friend to Kevin Callahan (Catherine Callahan).

Kristy was a published writer of prose and poetry. She loved to dance and sing and made lovely meals to celebrate with Family and Friends. She was a loving Mom and rescuer to all of her kitties. A celebration of her beautiful, too short life will be held at a much later date due to the pandemic. Donations in her name can be sent to Tree House Humane Society. (Direct link below)

We will forever miss the giving and loving way she had toward all of us.
Rest In Peace and Love Our Dear Sweet Kristy…

Speaking about Kristy in the past tense just doesn’t suit her because she has that much of a presence now as she did in life. It’s the most beautiful thing to have known such a magnanimous person. So, transcribing that beauty doesn’t come close to covering who she is, but I will try even if the words fall short.

No matter her relationship to you: Daughter, Sister, Sister-In-Law, Aunt, Partner, Friend, Colleague or Kitty Cat Savior. Because Kristy spoke to you soul to soul she always felt like so much more. An unspoken connection so deep, atypical of most, whether you passed her by in the grocery store or talked with her over percolated coffee for hours. I suppose that’s why it’s hard to fit who she is in another box after her life here. It seems not even close to describe her as gone anywhere. Kristy has taken an eternal place where loving life and every being soul to soul is timeless. Like she did here on Earth, she found her own way among us to be boundless, with the stars.

Kristy expressed her soul from the inside outward with a unique language all her own. Through creativity, intuition, civility, spirit, peacemaking, downright magic and love. She is the embodiment of light, illuminating everything and everyone with compassion, in a sometimes noisy world. She used her voice, wisdom, passion and presence to pierce right through it all. Her vivaciousness precious while impacting you in ways life often doesn’t, with integrity, patience, understanding and peace. Kristy celebrated this life and as many, I am filled up with that same love and gratitude knowing I’ve spent time here with a soulmate. Her truth and one of a kind being felt uncalloused by life and inspired all of us. She lived with the windows of her soul wide open. Letting light in and thus radiantly beaming back out. A heart fully and vividly expressed.

Although I personally called her my Colorful Auntie, her essence felt most like the color yellow, as the sun, for the warmth and energy she brought to life. I now hear her voice singing, “Here comes the sun little darlin, and it’s alright,” and I cannot wait to meet her again, even though I feel like I don’t have to arrive anywhere. It is ever clear that she is ever here.

We will all miss you always and forever…Christina Rose

“When all is said and done, remembered and released, we have no cause for fussing, The Heart is at peace.” -Kristy Alagna

To donate to one of Kristy’s favorite organizations, Tree House Humane Society:

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Marcie Sasewich - October 7, 2020Contact this person Contact this person
In your last note you wrote “The Volvo is long gone, but Jada’s home...”. You didn’t need to say more; I knew exactly what you meant. Now you are truly home- wherever that may be. My friend, my Jada, you will always be with me in my heart and in my soul. I’m blessed to have known you. Oh... all the crazy, good memories; the adventures and misadventures over 47 years- I’ll hold onto those. Love you, Marcie

Diane Michaels - October 8, 2020Contact this person Contact this person
My thoughts and prayers are with Kent and all of Kristy's family. I will always remember Kristy as someone who was easy to talk to, always had a smile on her face, and who loved life... and a lover of animals, especially cats. She was my colleague, but more importantly she was my friend. I will miss her dearly. ~Diane Michaels