In Memoriam : Cornel Buzgau

Cornel Buzgau Cornel Buzgau - age: 58
(September 09, 1961 to October 11, 2019 )
Resident of Chicago, Illinois

Visitation Information:
Visitation Thursday, October 17th, 5:30- 7 pm, Romanian wake service 7-9 pm at

Benson Family Funeral Home
3224 W. Montrose Avenue
Chicago, IL 60618

Funeral service, Friday, October 18th, 10 am


Montrose Cemetery
5400 N Pulaski Road

Our hearts are broken our pain is deep for our brother was an angel that walked among us.

A little about Cornel,

In loving Memory of our dearly beloved Cornel Buzgau,

Cornel was Born in Romania Chisineu Cris Arad On Sept 09, 1961 Mother Silvia Buzgau Father Aurel Buzgau ,

Cornel, Was the oldest of seven and his Nick name was Nelu, We all loved him dearly for our brother had a heart of gold. Our family arrived in the United States November of 1980. Cornel was 19 years old. Cornel started working immediately at nationwide maintenance as a janitor he wanted to help provide for our family since he had 6 other siblings and our parents needed the financial help to care for a family of nine. Cornel would give our parents his entire check to help provide for our family. My father was also a janitor and our mother was a cleaning lady so you can imagine how blessed my parents felt to have a son to help provide for our family every little bit made a difference.

When we came to Chicago in 1980 our father was a Pentecostal Reverend and our entire family grew up in church Cornell used to sing in the church choir and was very active in the Romanian community one thing he used to do when other Romanians would arrive from Romania he would teach them to drive and then take them to the DMV to get their drivers license, he did this for many years and always enjoyed helping others.

In 1987 one of our brother passed away at the age of 19 he was hit by a drunk driver, this broke our heart Cornel was very devastated because he lost his little brother this affected him for many years.

In 1988 Cornel, Moved to California along with our parents because the recent loss of our brother affected our parents and they decided to move to a different State. Cornel worked all his life and never took handouts from anyone he was always the one giving and expecting nothing in return.

Cornel Moved back to Chicago and started working for Plaza 440 which was under John Buck in 1991

I believe he started as a janitor and throughout the years he worked hard and loved his job the residences tenants board members and magamgemnt office all became his friends, He was a little stubborn he would brag that he knew that building inside out and that was his life.

Cornel, was a very hard worker and was proud of being The Chief Engineer of Plaza 440 Condo's He became Chief Engineer in 2003, Cornel, started at bottom in 1991 worked his way up to became Chief Engineer Cornel, loved his job and was so proud to be the Chief Engineer of such a wonderful Co. his loyalty was always to be the best at everything when it came to being the chief engineer.

He felt blessed his co-workers became family his loyalty was always true to everyone that need him as a friend. He would give you his last dime and never even cared if you paid it back. My brother Cornel, had no wife no kids but he was indeed a provider for many in their time of need.

Cornel, Was a great son brother uncle & friend to many he was an angel walking among us always putting his friends and family before himself, he helped house many and was always there to help anyone that needed money or favors you could count on him.

Our brother loved to travel throughout the U.S when he was younger, he loved to go fishing and play Bingo Chess and backgammon but what he loved most was helping his family and friends .Cornel had a heart of gold. If you were lucky enough to know this big guy consider yourself blessed because my big brother had a heart of Gold .

Cornel, Did more for others then he did for himself, he was an angel that walked among us always helping always lending a hand never ever did he say no to helping someone in need. Our family is devastated we lost a great soul. My brother was surrounded by love my sister Lilly Buzgau my brother Denny Buzgau & very special family friend Nick Gutu, when he took his last breath.

Our Beloved Brother Journey in life, ended unexpected & way too soon Cornel, had many medical complications , Cardiovascular Disease , Iliac Artery Disease Diabetic & most recently became an amputee , Infections throughout his body and his heart gave out on 10-11-2019 at 10:50 pm Elmhurst Memorial Hospital, & went to be with the lord re-united with our father and our brother who passed away many years ago. Our Angel our beloved brother Cornel Buzgau,

10-4 over & out those were the famous words he used often.